Are You Looking For Cost-Effective Re-Roof Services?

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If you are considering upgrading or replacing your existing roof, a re-roof might be the solution you need. Re-roofing involves installing a new layer of material over your existing roof, which can provide a range of benefits without the expense and inconvenience of a full replacement. Contact Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing in Pierceton, IN, to find out more. Call us at 260-799-9999!

Benefits of Re-Roof Services


One of the primary benefits of re-roofing is its cost-effectiveness. Re-roofing can save you money compared to a full replacement, as it eliminates the need to remove and dispose of the existing roofing material. You can avoid labor and disposal fees and save thousands of dollars.


Re-roofing can also be more convenient than a full roof replacement. A re-roofing project typically takes less time than a full replacement, allowing you to return to your normal routine more quickly. This is particularly important for business owners who want the least amount of disruptions possible to their operations.

Improved Performance

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In addition to cost-effectiveness and convenience, re-roofing can improve your roof’s performance and energy efficiency. A new layer of roofing material can provide additional protection against the elements, which can help prevent leaks and other issues. Re-roofing can also improve energy efficiency by providing better insulation, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.

Our Expertise

Our crew specializes in re-roofing projects for homeowners and businesses. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best roofing materials and techniques for your specific needs, as well as provide you with a detailed estimate for the project.

We will support you during your entire re-roofing process, from start to finish. We are known for our re-roofing services, and we have many reviews to validate our high-quality work.


Our skilled team will start with a consultation. They will give you a detailed estimate and then explain the installation process, including the estimated completion time. Our specialists will make sure you understand the entire process before it begins. We strive to give you the information you need!

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Re-roofing is a cost-effective, convenient, and energy-efficient option for upgrading your existing roof. Contact Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing in Pierceton, IN, for more information. Call us today at 260-799-9999!