Storm Damage Akron, IN

Is your roof suffering from the ill effects of storm damage? The Smith Roofing team is accustomed to locating the areas on a roof that have been damaged as a result of a storm. We’re the leading choice for the people of Akron, IN. To get your roof back to its former condition at a great price, call our team today at 260-799-9999.

Complete Roof Inspections

Once a big storm hits, it can make sense to schedule a roof inspection, even if there is no noticeable damage. A lot of roof problems can fly under the radar for a while before leaks become apparent. The roof leak detection experts at Smith Roofing will locate any roof problems, whether it’s loose flashing, torn shingles, or bent gutters.

Once we feel confident that everything has been correctly diagnosed, we’ll be ready to provide a comprehensive solution. Our wide array of roofing services includes roof repairs, roof replacements, and even storm damage restoration. There is no kind of roofing project that our experienced roofers can’t handle! After we have a thorough look at your roof, we will tailor a roofing solution around your roof’s specific needs.

Claims Assistance

When your home has been hit by a storm, it’s important that you get the insurance coverage that you deserve. Smith Roofing helps with this sometimes-messy process and makes it easy with comprehensive claims assistance. When your home has been hit by a storm, Smith Roofing makes the whole process easy.

Why Smith Roofing?

There are several things to look for when you are browsing through different roofing companies. With Smith Roofing, you’ll find that we have an extensive history of providing complete client satisfaction. We offer premium residential roofing solutions and make safety a top priority. Our roofing technicians will give their all to your project and treat your roof as they would their own!

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Finding a dependable roofing company to help with storm damage and other issues will pay off. Those who live in Akron, IN can depend on the experts at Smith Roofing for quality repairs, maintenance, replacements, and more! To get a better idea of what we offer, reach out to us today at 260-799-9999.

Single-Ply Roofing Angola, IN

To get a single-ply roofing project done the right way, it helps to hire a company that has been in the commercial roofing industry for a while. Smith Roofing has been established as one of the top choices for the people of Angola, IN. For nearly 20 years, our company has been delivering flawless results on commercial roofing projects! To get a hold of our dependable team, call us today at 260-799-9999.

Restoring Single-Ply Roofing

If you have dealt with single-ply roofing systems in the past, you most likely already know about roof coatings. A roof coating is a fantastic way to reinforce single-ply roofing. It is easy, affordable, and effective! The experts at Smith Roofing will have your roof in far better condition, and at a great price!

Lowering Energy Costs

Smith Roofing is a company that is very conscious of the ways in which a roof impacts a building’s energy costs. We do our best to provide roofing solutions that help aid a building’s energy efficiency. Our team uses eco-friendly roofing materials that save our clients a substantial amount of money on heating and cooling!

Our Services

Like any kind of roof, single-ply roofing systems require different types of services. Smith Roofing is a full-service roofing company that can help with your roof no matter what it requires. This means anything from straightforward repairs to complete roof replacements!

Top Tools & Materials

Of course, the skills of the roofers involved in taking care of a roof have a great deal to do with how long that roof will last. However, it takes more than this to get as much as one can out of a commercial roof. Here at Smith Roofing, we pair our premium craftsmanship with top quality tools and materials. This combination makes for durable roofing systems that will stay in prime condition for a long time.

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Smith Roofing makes getting expert single-ply roofing services easy and affordable for those in Angola, IN! Whether your commercial building needs a roof repair, roof coating, or any other sort of service, our roofing technicians are prepared to help. Call 260-799-9999 and we can figure out a time to come by to inspect your roof.

Roofing Services Akron, IN

Your home might require many different types of roofing services as the years roll on. Knowing exactly who to call when your roof has an issue can be a major relief. Smith Roofing works on all sorts of residential roofs and has a long history of providing first class construction services. Get in touch with our roofing experts today at 260-799-9999 to get more info on the roofing services that we provide to those in Akron, IN.

New Roof Installation

Time for a new roof for your home? Smith Roofing installs beautiful roofs that keep homes dry for decades! No one wants to deal with the aftermath of poor craftsmanship. With Smith Roofing, your roof is in the best hands. Our experienced roofers hold their craftsmanship to a very high standard.

Roof Repairs

There are so many reasons why a roof can be leaking. There could be a few punctures or cracks in the shingles, the flashing might be loose, or there could be an issue in one of the valleys. If a storm has hit your home or if you notice that something is off with your roof, reach out to us for a roof inspection. No matter what is causing the roof leak, you can count on our roofers to locate the cause of the issue and put a stop to it quickly and effectively!


It’s important for a roof and gutters to work together to send water off in the right direction! That’s why we also offer gutter services to the people of Indiana. Our team will make sure that everything to do with your roof is working together seamlessly so that your home is fully protected. We bring the knowledge that we have accumulated through decades of construction experience with us to each project!

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Smith Roofing offers a rare mixture of low prices, high level craftsmanship, and prompt response times. We’re simply the top option for anyone in Akron, IN in need of a reliable residential roofing company. To get a free quote on any of our first-class roofing services, give us a call today at 260-799-9999 and we can get out to your home to take a look.

Local Roofers Akron, IN

Searching for dependable local roofers in Akron, IN? Smith Roofing has been in the construction business for well over 15 years and continues to set a high standard for other roofing companies in the Midwest. To learn more regarding our company and the services that we provide, please feel free to call us at 260-799-9999.

Experienced Roofing Technicians

With well over a decade of roofing experience, our roofing specialists have solved a wide array of roof issues. Whether it’s a tough to find roof leak or a flashing issue, we’ll figure out what needs to be fixed on your roof. Our goal is to help people on the first attempt and make roof issues a thing of the past! We put an emphasis on safety and our dependable project management makes for flawless results.

With Smith Roofing checking in on your roof a couple of times per year, it will be able to last far longer. Our thorough roof inspections lead to crucial maintenance and repairs that help prevent any major roof issues from forming. We stay ahead of developing roof problems to save you money and hassle!

Claims Assistance

Smith Roofing will help make sure that you get proper insurance coverage with comprehensive claims assistance. We help our clients every step of the way and deliver professional roofing services time and time again. If a storm or a fallen tree has damaged your roof, our team will be out to you quickly to help!

Our Services

When a roof needs work, Smith Roofing has all of the bases covered. Our roofing technicians take on projects of all magnitudes and whether it’s a simple roof repair or a total roof replacement, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done correctly. Our roofers sincerely care about the quality of the work that they provide. The people we work for can always depend on us for honest and timely services!

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Getting a hand from the local roofing experts at Smith Roofing is easy — just call 260-799-9999. Our company offers a full list of residential roofing services to those living in Akron, IN. Go with Smith Roofing for assistance from one of the state’s top-rated roofing companies, our roofers are ready to help!

New Roof Akron, IN

Smith Roofing is there for any resident of Akron, IN in need of top-quality roofing technicians. If you are interested in getting a new roof installed on your home, set up a free onsite estimate at 260-799-9999. We’ll be glad to go over the options and find the optimal roofing solution for your home.

New Roof Installation

Smith Roofing is a dependable roofing company with craftsmen who have many years of construction experience. Our team will have your new roof installed perfectly, so that you won’t be dealing with roof issues anytime soon! We offer roofing services of superior quality at competitive prices to residents of Indiana!

A roof is a valuable asset, and one that protects other valuable assets within your home. A leaking roof can cause costly damage in a short period of time. At Smith Roofing, we are always aiming to solve people’s roof issues as soon as possible. We pay close attention to each roof that we are hired to work on and customize roofing solutions to better suit each roof’s requirements.

Why Smith Roofing?

Smith Roofing makes getting a long-lasting residential roof easy and affordable for those in Indiana. Our team works on a variety of residential roof types and can handle any sort of project. Our comprehensive roofing solutions lead to roofs that last longer! We know that roofs often require fast attention, and you can rely on us for timely roofing services!

Other Services

If you are looking to get a new roof, we’re the top team in the area. Smith Roofing offers a great deal of other roofing services as well. We’ll be over to help your roof whether it needs new flashing, a shingle replacement, or any other kind of roofing service! Just reach out for a free estimate.

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When your home needs a new roof, you might be worried about the price, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the length of the project. With Smith Roofing, the whole process will go smoothly. We’ve been doing this for a long time and can help those in Akron, IN get long-lasting residential roofs! Just call 260-799-9999 to get the ball rolling.

Commercial Roofing Services Angola, IN

Smith Roofing protects commercial buildings in Angola, IN with thorough and effective commercial roofing services. No matter if it’s a quick project or a more complicated one, our craftsmen always bring their best! We’d be happy to have a chat on the phone so that we can share with you how our easy process works — just call 260-799-9999!

Roof Inspections

Thorough roof inspections are the bread and butter for a quality commercial roofing company. It takes a lot of hands-on experience to gain the knowledge that it takes to analyze the condition of a roof and find the areas that need work. The team at Smith Roofing has this kind of experience and continues to deliver exceptional project results!

Roof Coatings

When used correctly, roof coatings can make a commercial roof last several years longer. These lightweight membranes can be applied multiple times over the course of a roof’s lifespan. There is not a superior team around to trust with a roof restoration project than the one at Smith Roofing! We can use a roof coating to restore your roof’s condition and to also lower your monthly energy costs!

Roof Replacements

It can be difficult to trust a team with a roof replacement. After all, any mistake made during the new roof installation process can lead to a long stretch of costly roof issues. Disappointingly, there are a lot of fly-by-night roofing companies that may create more problems than they solve. Smith Roofing stands apart with a lengthy track record of successfully completed roofing projects!

Commercial Roofing Experts

A lot of people have dealt with the aftermath of poor craftsmanship firsthand. When roofers do a bad job, it can mean a lot of wasted money and a good amount of hassle trying to get your roof back to where it should be. Smith Roofing is a roofing company that people can depend on for top quality craftsmanship and honest roofing advice! We’re excited to show more people why we are the top option around!

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Smith Roofing combines low prices with first class commercial roofing services! We’re the number one choice for those in need of commercial roofing experts in Angola, IN. For a quote on any sort of commercial roofing service, call us at 260-799-9999.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Angola, IN

Time to get a bit of help from a commercial roofing contractor? Here at Smith Roofing, we always find effective ways to extend the lifespans of commercial roofs with cost-effective solutions. To find out more about these solutions, just call 260-799-9999. Our craftsmen look forward to helping more people in Angola, IN save on their commercial roofs!

A Proven Roofing Company

A lot of roofing companies only stick around for a few years. Roofing is a challenging industry, and reputation means a lot. The problem is, newer companies can get away with poor craftsmanship for a bit, until people start realizing that their roofs have issues in the months or years that follow their services. Here at Smith Roofing, we have been around since 2001, and our reputation has never been better!

With our roofing technicians, you can rest assured that your commercial roof will get exactly what it needs. We are experts in all areas, including roof leak detection, roof maintenance, roof restoration, and new roof installation. Once you call, we can swing by to give you a free project estimate after we have a look at your commercial roof!

Lower Energy Costs

The team at Smith Roofing does whatever it takes to help people save on energy costs. Our green roofing solutions lead to substantial long-term savings on HVAC costs. We accomplish this by installing roofs that handle the sun better. We also use roof coatings to increase the reflectivity of commercial roofs!

A Full-Service Roofing Company

Before a roof is inspected, you can’t know for sure what kind of service is needed. Smith Roofing makes it convenient by offering a wide array of services. This means that no matter what we determine is the optimal service for your roof’s needs, our experienced roofing specialists will be qualified to take the project on!

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Smith Roofing has been in business for a long time, and we don’t have any intention of going anywhere! We’ll continue to offer the best commercial roofing services to benefit the people of Angola, IN. You can receive more info on what we do by giving our team a call today at 260-799-9999, we look forward to showing you why we continue to be a leading commercial roofing contractor in Indiana!

Commercial Roofing Companies Angola, IN

Smith Roofing is the best of the best when it comes to the commercial roofing companies available to those in Angola, IN. We’re here to help with whatever it is your commercial roof may need. For premium roofing solutions at great prices, call us today at 260-799-9999.

Roof Restoration

Roofing companies can excel in different areas. For Smith Roofing, roof restoration is one of our primary roofing services. We are known for our roof coatings which are excellent at keeping water at bay! On top of improving the condition of a roof, our roof coatings lower the energy consumption of commercial buildings!

Experienced Craftsmen

Since the early 2000’s, the craftsmen at Smith Roofing have been providing top quality construction services. Our roofers will always choose the best option for the unique needs of your commercial roof. We work diligently to ensure that all the work we provide is up to par.

The Smith Roofing Difference

Hiring a team to do a roofing project the right way shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. At Smith Roofing, we always deliver top rated services, and we do so at great prices. On top of that, our customer service is leagues above most of the other companies in Indiana, which makes the whole process easier!

Roof Inspections & Maintenance Plans

Even when a roof is installed perfectly, it needs follow up services to ensure that it can last. Choose Smith Roofing for thorough roof inspections and comprehensive maintenance plans and your commercial roof will reach its full potential. We also help with storm damage, claims assistance, and much more!

Single-Ply Roofing

Smith Roofing has been taking on commercial roofing projects for years. Naturally, we’ve acquired a lot of single-ply roofing experience since these kinds of roofs are often preferred for commercial buildings. We can help with TPO, PVC, and EPDM repairs, roof coatings, and roof replacements.

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If your commercial roof needs assistance from roofers who know what they are doing, you can always count on the roofing technicians at Smith Roofing. With decades of construction experience, we continue to show that we are the top option for commercial roofing companies in Angola, IN! For anything to do with commercial roofing, call us today at 260-799-9999.

Hail Damaged Roof – Akron, IN

A hail damaged roof is a hassle to deal with, and if you don’t have a team of trusted professionals ready to assist, then it can be a far bigger pain than it needs to be. At Smith Roofing, we’ve been bringing homeowners throughout Akron, IN and the surrounding areas honest and reliable roofing services for nearly 20 years. We offer superior storm damage services that will allow your roof a fresh chance at keeping you and your family protected and we’ll make sure any repairs are done to last. If you have a roof in need of assistance, you can trust in the team at Smith Roofing. Reach out to our team anytime at (260) 799 – 9999.


As a full-service roofing company, you can rest easy knowing that when you call Smith Roofing, we’ve got you covered in every way. We will make sure any damages are secured and repaired right away and we’ll also make sure the source of damage is found and resolved immediately so further issues aren’t a concern for you! Water damage can be devastating and if you believe your home’s roof has been damaged, call our team right away and we’ll make sure you can trust in your roof once again!

At Smith Roofing, we’re happy to provide free, professional roof estimates to our customers throughout the area. With a long list of roofing services and solutions, we’re sure we can bring your home’s roof back to prime condition! Our list of available roofing services includes:

  • Roof inspections
  • FREE roof estimates
  • Leak detection
  • Roof repairs
  • Re-roofing solutions
  • Roof replacements and installations
  • Storm damage repairs and restorations
  • And much more!

Whatever your roof requires, we’ll make sure it gets taken care of appropriately. We believe in helping you get a long, successful from your roof and our full list of services helps this happen year after year. Don’t wonder if you have a roof in need, give us a call and get your roof scheduled for inspection today!

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Don’t let your hail damaged roof sit untouched for too long. Any problems left to sit can quickly cause major damage to your roof and your home meaning your roofing costs will be larger than necessary! At Smith Roofing, we offer excellent storm damage repair and restoration services to homeowners in Akron, IN. If your roof needs help, give us a call today at (260) 799 – 9999.

Rubber Roof Repair – Angola, IN

If you own or manage a building with a rubber roof keeping it protected, then you likely know you’ve got a great investment atop your building. Commercial roofing systems are a huge asset and when protected, they can offer you long term protection in turn! All types of commercial roofs were designed with longevity in mind and rubber roofs are an especially durable option to have for long term success. At Smith Roofing, we repair, maintain, restore, service, replace, and install rubber roofing systems along with all other types of commercial roofing systems. We know how to get your roof the specialized care it needs to last, and we’ll make sure any necessary repairs or services are completed right away. Whether it’s just a simple rubber roof repair or a more complex restoration or replacement, our professional roofing contractors will get your roof what it needs to last. If you have a roof in need in Angola, IN, reach out today at (260) 799 – 9999.

Repair on Time

We know it can be hard to catch repairs and other roofing issues early on as most building owners and managers aren’t able to see the top of their building too frequently. It’s not recommended to have excessive foot traffic on any roof either, you can be sure anytime our roofers are on your building, we will handle it appropriately, so it is always fit to last. At Smith Roofing, we offer customizable roof maintenance programs that will help ensure any necessary repairs or services your roof requires are done at the ideal times. This helps to keep your roof in peak operating condition while also keeping your roofing costs to a minimum. These are two of our main goals here at Smith and they’ve been a part of how we operate since we started our company nearly 20 years ago. Know you’re working with a team of honest and dedicated professionals when you trust your roof to us.

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Need a rubber roof repair completed this fall? It’s hard to believe fall is right around the corner, but that makes now an ideal time to have your roof inspected to make sure your roof can get any services taken care of before the winter season is here. Call Smith Roofing today at (260) 799 – 9999. We deliver quality services and solutions for all types of roofing systems throughout Angola, IN.