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Roof Coating – Fort Wayne IN

Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing Company has a lot of experience when it comes to roof coatings, especially in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Roof coatings are a very cost-effective way of prolonging the life of your older roof. It can be useful as a cost-cutting measure, as your business can avoid a full roof replacement for […]

Flat Roof Repair – Fort Wayne IN

Flat roofs are gaining popularity because of their ease of installation, relatively less expensive maintenance costs, and convenience in setting up different systems like solar panels. However, these roofs are not immune to damage and eventually require repairs too. If you maintain a commercial property in Fort Wayne, Indiana, reach out to Smith Roofing at […]

Commercial Roofing Companies – Columbia City Indiana

If it has been a while since you attended to your roof’s needs, it has probably become overdue. Roofs are a vital structure of buildings for the various benefits that they provide and require routine check-ups. Just like you visit a doctor for your medical check-up, you require a commercial roofing company like Smith Roofing […]

Storm Damage – Columbia City, IN

As a resident of Indiana, you must already be aware of the frequent storms that put your home’s roof to the test every year. Therefore, if you don’t already have a reliable residential roofing company at your disposal to deal with all kinds of damages that storms can cause, then the odds are that you […]

New Roof – Columbia City, IN

The roof on top of your home serves to protect you and your loved ones from different extremities of the weather outside. Whether it is the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, your roof is an irreplaceable asset to your home. Therefore, you must ensure that it is in a peak […]

Roof Leak Repair Columbia City, IN

When a commercial building in Columbia City, IN needs a roof leak repair, the team at Smith Roofing has people covered. Our experienced roofing specialists have a long history of solving difficult roof problems. To have our team over to inspect your roof and sort out the right solution, get in touch with us today […]

Roof Installation Columbia City, IN

When you are in need of roof installation experts for a project in Columbia City, IN, be sure to get in touch with the team at Smith Roofing today at 260-799-9999. We’ll get you an estimate on a new roof. Our craftsmen have decades of residential roofing experience and will set your home up with […]

Hail Damaged Roof Columbia City, IN

When a hailstorm passes through Columbia City, IN, people can depend on Smith Roofing to fix up their hail damaged roofs. A heavy hailstorm can create roof leaks, and winds can damage shingles and cause other types of problems. For quality roof repairs from dependable roofing technicians, get in touch with us today at 260-799-9999. […]

Roofers Columbia City, IN

When you need roofing help for your home, it can be hard to know you are hiring a crew of trustworthy experts. There are many seasonal and temporary roofers that show themselves in the summer and give good prices, but the bad work is not worth it. At Smith Roofing & Remodeling, we know quality […]

Roof Replacement Columbia City, IN

The greatest time to hire the team at Smith Roofing & Remodeling is when your home is needing a new roof. You do not want to leave a job like this in the hands of a non-trustworthy roofing company. With the great team at Smith Roofing & Remodeling your home’s roof will be properly replaced. […]