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Storm Damaged Roof – Winona Lake, IN

With the spring season here in full swing in the Winona Lake, IN area, that means the storms of summer aren’t far behind and that leaves a couple of crucial questions for homeowners. “Is your roof ready?” and “Do you know who to call when left to deal with a storm damaged roof?”. Here at […]

Single-Ply Roofing – Warsaw, IN

Single-ply roofing systems continue to be an outstanding, durable option for flat and low slope roofing systems and at Smith Roofing, we continue to see them do well here in the Warsaw, IN area. Being one of the most popular options for commercial and industrial buildings, it should come as no surprise that our full-service […]

Shingle Replacement – Winona Lake, IN

The spring season is officially here in Winona Lake, IN and that means the snow is disappearing a little faster. As the snow finds its way off your home’s roof, you may start to notice curling, cracked, or torn shingles and here at Smith Roofing, we’re happy to say this doesn’t always mean a roof […]

Shingle Repair – Winona Lake, IN

While a shingle repair on your home may seem like a simple task that you can do yourself, it will pay off greatly in the long run to hire roofing professionals that will handle things appropriately, so you aren’t left to deal with a failing roof or constant roofing headaches. Shingle repairs and replacements can […]

Rubber Roof Repair – Warsaw, IN

The summer season is coming here in the Warsaw, IN area. While it may seem like the spring just arrived, the storms of summer will be here before we know it and that means now is an optimal time to have any repair or service requirements completed on your roof. Why question if your roof […]

Roof Inspection – Warsaw, IN

While a roof inspection is already a service you shouldn’t have to stress about when you have a team of roofing professionals keeping your building’s roof in shape, it’s one you’ll really never worry about with Smith Roofing working for you as we provide thorough and professional roof inspections at no cost to our customers […]

Flat Roof Replacement – Warsaw, IN

When your building’s roof seems to be aging, Smith Roofing is happy to say that a roof restoration could be the right alternative to a flat roof replacement! A worn or aging roof doesn’t need to be a stressor, especially when our roofing professionals are ready to get to work for you. As a full-service […]

Emergency Roofer – Winona Lake, IN

At Smith Roofing, we know how stressful a damaged roof can be, and we’re proud to be here for our neighbors throughout the Winona Lake, IN area 24/7. As a leading emergency roofer in the area, we’ll be right out to your home when you call on us, no matter the time of day or […]

Roof Damage – Winona Lake, IN

Has a recent winter storm left you to deal with roof damage on your home in Winona Lake, IN or the surrounding areas? At Smith Roofing, we’ve been the local roofing professionals that your neighbors have been counting on for the last two decades and in our time in the business, we’ve seen how damaging […]

Roof Coating – Warsaw, IN

You should never have to stress about having a fresh roof coating applied to your building’s roof and if you are, then it may be time to find a new roofing contractor to work with. Smith Roofing has been serving building owners, facility managers, and more in Warsaw, IN and the surrounding areas for two […]