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Flat roofs are gaining popularity because of their ease of installation, relatively less expensive maintenance costs, and convenience in setting up different systems like solar panels. However, these roofs are not immune to damage and eventually require repairs too.

If you maintain a commercial property in Fort Wayne, Indiana, reach out to Smith Roofing at 260-799-9999. All those looking for flat roof repair are encouraged to talk to our professionals and understand the process to make the right decision.

What is Flat Roof Repair?

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Flat roofs could host multiple issues, which eventually damage them beyond repair. But the good news is, if you monitor it properly, you could save yourself a fortune in replacements and effectively extend the roof’s lifespan.

The roof can require repairs for multiple reasons: leaks, punctured membranes, clogged drainages, and damage from harsh weather, to name a few. As these roofs generally have a very low slope compared to the more traditional ones, water tends to pond and can seep into the system. This is one of the leading causes of why flat roofs call for repair.

Furthermore, fixing a flat roof constitutes multiple steps that must be carefully carried out, ideally by a skilled technician. Because contrary to popular belief, everything cannot be fixed with a DIY article or recommendation from the Internet! We want to assure you that your roof is safe in our hands. Our team carries out a thorough analysis and then implements the best solution with utmost care. Moreover, as an experienced group, we are also aware of the safety hazards that need to be considered while repairing roofs. So, you rest easy while our professionals carry out their work.

Talking about implementations, we devise permanent fixes which are more long-lasting and offer higher warranty periods. For example, a concrete roof could be temporarily fixed with a thin bitumen primer followed by bitumen paint. But instead, we opt for better methods such as torching roofing felt on the damaged areas and making the roof waterproof.

Why Smith Roofing?

Being in the roofing business for two decades now, we let the work testify about our commitment towards our clients. Moreover, our responsibilities far exceed your roof and are focused toward securing your property’s future. We do not see any project as a one-off collaboration but we always focus on building a relationship for years to come. You could benefit from any of our end-to-end services and receive support at any stage of the roofing process.

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