Hail Damaged Roof – Wolf Lock, IN

If you enjoy different weather, you may not mind the occasional hail. But people living in Wolf Lock, Indiana, know how harsh the hail can sometimes be, causing immense damage to your belongings out in the open, like cars and property. You can’t always do much to prevent it.This increases your chances of getting a hail-damaged roof at some point.

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Factors of Damage:

Different factors could influence the level of damage incurred due to hail. Four main factors are wind, size and density, building materials, and barriers. The direction and intensity of the wind determine the exact location where the hail will cause damage. Hence, you should hope that the wind blows in your favor each time hail drops. The size and density of hailstones are important because they could range from the size of a pea to a grapefruit. So, if the edges are rough, it could be very damaging.

Similarly, building materials are another factor considering that they have to absorb the shock from the hailstones. Certain materials and fixtures, like aluminum gutters or asphalt shingles, could only be bumped. In contrast, vinyl siding or wood shake shingles would crack. The roof’s state would also make a difference, since old roofs are more likely to be damaged and even be punctured. Lastly, barriers above the roof play a key role in reducing the damage as they could obstruct the trajectory of the hailstones, thereby reducing the shock transferred.

How to prevent

You could consider placing a temporary roof covering sheet or tying a cover on the top before anticipated hail. This could help reduce the damage caused to the roof while helping the hailstones slide off. Unfortunately, there is not much more that you could do, but installing an additional protective layer on the roof could also be an option. This would protect the inner layer and, thus, maintain the building’s structure.

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