How can hail damage your roof?

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While any house may suffer damage from natural catastrophes, your roof is particularly vulnerable to hailstorms. Dealing with your damaged roofing system can become tricky, considering so much at stake. Knowing ways to fix and repair potential roof damages caused by natural disasters like hail is helpful. Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing are one of the go-to roofing companies for the people of Garret, Indiana. Our roofing experts are ready to help you with your hail-damaged roof. Call us at 260-799-9999 to learn more about how we operate in Garrett, Indiana.

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Homes destroyed by various disasters account for around half of all insurance claims in the US. These are serious numbers, and anyone could be a part of them. There is no denying the kind of destruction a hailstorm can do. Damage from a hailstorm depends on a lot of technical things. The effects of hail damage on roofs can differ based on hail size, wind speed, wind direction, roof material, the age of the components, and slope. Roof damage from hail is detrimental since it results in leakages and breakages. Damage from any natural disaster is usually either cosmetic or functional. Even if they initially seem cosmetic, broken edges, bruises, punctures, and granule loss can all cause serious problems. Shingle fractures and shingle granule loss are the two most frequent hail roof damages.

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Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing is a premium-level roofing contractor that has been extending its roofing to the people of Indiana for several years today. Our roofing staff is one of the most technically qualified and trained in the entire industry as we regularly invest in our workers. Suppose any Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing representative visits you. In that case, they will have the skills and equipment to take on any roofing emergency. Besides hail-damaged roofing, we also offer roof inspection, repairs, leakage detection, replacement, cool roofing, gutters, maintenance, etc.

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