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Many areas of the country face extreme weather conditions on a yearly basis. However even extreme weather is common, it can be especially harmful to your roofs. Residential and commercial roofs can both be harmed by harsh weather changes. Therefore, it is wise to hire local roofers that know the region better than anyone else. We at Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing have been servicing businesses in Indiana for years!

If you have a damaged commercial/residential roof in Columbia City, Indiana, you should call us at 260-799-9999. We respond to all sorts of roofing emergencies as we are Indiana’s number one local roofers!

Premium Roofing Services

We tend to commercial and residential roofs; therefore, we have a huge list of premium roofing services. To give you a breakdown, we have two main distinctions. Our primary services include free inspections, maintenance services, claim assistance services. Both commercial and residential, customers have been using these services for years. Our secondary services include repairs, restorations, installations restorations, roof coatings, and roof replacements. The logistics of these secondary services are different for residential and commercial projects. For example, roof replacements for commercial roofs might involve single-ply flat roof applications, while roof replacement for a residential roof might involve shingles and gutter servicing/installation.

Along with our services, we use high-quality products shipped to us by one of the most trusted roofing products providers. These products are “EnergyStar” certified and have the ability to save you money on heating/cooling costs.

We also understand how important it is to take safety seriously and due to the strict measures in place, none of our projects have seen any safety compromises. If you value safety as much as us, then speak to us for your next roofing project.

Our Commitment

Our experienced roofers are fully committed to leaving the client satisfied! You will never be disappointed, as our team has a 100% success rate. We simply do not get it wrong!

We treat your valuable roof as one of our own and work with full commitment. We want to keep your employees/family/customers as safe as possible. Therefore, our roofs are designed to last a lifetime!

Book a Free Inspection Today!

You can call us for a free inspection by speaking to us on this number: 260-799-9999. The Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing team is always ready to service any business. You can even consider us for emergencies!

If you live in Columbia City, Indiana, then we can be your go-to local roofers!