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Are you unsure if your roof is in need of replacement? Does it have damage? If that is the case, you need to have a roofing company you know will be honest with you. We do not expect you to know the needs of your roof. After all, this is our trade, not yours. We at Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing want to make it easier for you here in Milford, IN. You will never have to worry about your roof again when you collaborate with us. Call us at your earliest convenience at (260) 799-9999 to set up a meeting with us.

When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for getting a new roof, there are certain indicators that you need to be cautious of when deciding to replace your roof. Primarily, keep track of your roof’s lifespan. This means knowing when it was installed, its predicted life cycle, and how long it could last. It always helps to schedule maintenance through us and get the roof’s condition assessed via roof inspection. A professionally installed and well-maintained roof should ideally last the entirety of its lifespan. But you should consider getting a new roof soon enough to avoid any collateral damage to other parts of the building structure.

You should also have an inspection of the roof after every harsh spell of weather or after a certain period of time. This will assist in determining whether there are any new damages, such as shingles flying off or abrasions, that will eventually lead to the roof deterioration. Improper installation and poor ventilation are also two factors that can lead to premature roof damage and should be considered when evaluating the roof. There are many other signs too that indicate the need for a new roof. These could include but would not be limited to flashing, cracking, seepage, moss growth, and rotting.

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With all that being said, do not think that if you see a few broken shingles or a small leak, you need a new roof immediately. If your roof was professionally installed and is less than fifteen to twenty years old, you may be able to get through with repairs rather than a complete tear-off and replacement. If you are based in Milford, IN, look no further than Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing for expert advice. Call us now at 260-799-9999.