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As your roof ages, it starts demanding greater care and more frequent maintenance to function properly. Many times, roof owners do not provide adequate care for damaged roofs, which leads to more degradation. Sometimes, despite the provision of sufficient repairs, a roof reaches the point where you should replace it. The re-roofing task is a highly technical one, and it requires years of training and experience for a roofing firm to become expert at it. Even slight errors in the placement of your new roof can cause your roof to perform inefficiently. Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing has the necessary experience to expertly re-roof your current roof without any mistakes. If you are the owner of a residential or a commercial complex in Columbia City, Indiana, call us at (260) 799-9999 to set up a time. Our team will visit your location soon to carry out an inspection.

Re-Roof or Repair the Roof?

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Before commencement of work on your roof, we always conduct an inspection. This inspection is beneficial for you and us. We can assess the nature of work required on your roof only after properly inspecting it. Meanwhile, you can better decide what plan of action to choose if you have the technical status of your roof’s current condition. After this inspection, we share our analysis with you, along with proposed and alternative solutions.

Sometimes customers are adamant about repairing their roof instead of re-roofing it since re-roofing is a more expensive task. They do not realize that the current condition of their roof is a hazard for their home or business. We will always repair where possible, prior to recommending a roof replacement or re-roof.

Why Choose Us?

All our services are tailor-made according to your roof’s particular needs. Many variables contribute to how effectively a roof will function. We will design your new roof so that it has the longest possible life within your budget.. As the leading roofing company in Indiana, you can trust that we will never compromise the quality of service. Our customers have blessed us with an incredible reputation, and we intend to keep it that way.

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If you live in Columbia City, Indiana, and require more information regarding our re-roofing program, contact us at (260) 799-9999. The Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing team will complete the task in as little time and hassle for you as possible.