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Do you want a new roof? The most common reasons for re-roofing are wear and tear, hail damage, and strong winds. Re-roofs are not frequently required; but, they come in use at critical times. Re-roofing might not be the obvious choice if you’re considering obtaining a new roof for your Garrett, Indiana home. The choice is made easy and stress-free, thanks to Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing! To contact our roofers to re-roof your premises, dial 260-799-9999.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy roofing company was one of the most crucial steps in re-roofing your home or place of business. It’s wonderful news that this phase is already finished.

Basic Information & Steps

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The first stage in the planning process is deciding whether a re-roof will need paying for the work out of pocket or through an insurance claim. The next step is to request a quote. Our roofers will evaluate the state of your roof and provide you with their recommended repairs. When selecting the type of roof to install, consider the construction, slope, features, price range, and aesthetics of the roof in addition to all other factors. It’s time to get to work at last. Make sure you agree with all the details that have been agreed upon.

Re-roof without any hassle

Not every roof needs to be replaced. The knowledgeable roofers at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing Company completely repair any roof issues with the re-roof service. Many of our re-roof jobs originate from customers who initially requested a price from us for a new roof before selecting a less expensive contractor. These consumers frequently explain that the company is no longer in business or that the roof started leaking so quickly that they don’t want the same company to work on it again when we inquire why they didn’t contact the original roofers. Our highly qualified roofers will assess the problems with your roof, give you a thorough analysis, and give you a fair estimate for the repairs or re-roofing.

Why Us?

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Remember that choosing the best roofing contractor shouldn’t solely be determined by the price. You want a reliable and experienced roofer who will take care of unanticipated issues, provide warranty support, and deal with you fairly. We specialize in handling insurance claims and work extremely hard to ensure that our clients get what they are due from their insurance company.

To guarantee a straightforward and stress-free re-roofing procedure, choose Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing! From beginning to end, we will oversee the entire project, from securing the required roofing permits to handling the right debris collection.

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If you live in Garrett, Indiana, and looking to re-roof, Smith Residential And Commercial Roofing will take care of you. Just contact us at 260-799-9999, and our staff will guide you.