Repairing Storm Damage to Your Roof

Storms can cause significant damage to your building’s roof. Here at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing in Warsaw, IN, we understand how damaging severe weather can be to your building. That is why we specialize in repairing storm damage and protecting your building from the elements. To learn more, or to schedule your inspection, call us today at 260-799-9999!

Severe Weather

Storms come in a variety of forms, each affecting your roof in different ways. Wind storms, for instance, create forces that may rip off your shingles. They may also cause debris from trees and other structures to crash onto your roof, causing substantial damage.

Hail storms are also known for damaging shingles. The impact from falling hailstones can strip away the protective granules on asphalt shingles, exposing them to harmful UV rays and reducing their lifespan.

Rain, though often less dramatic than wind and hail, is another threat. Constant exposure to heavy rain can lead to water seepage, potentially causing rot and mold in your roof’s structure. Similarly, ice storms bring their unique troubles. As water freezes and thaws, it can seep into cracks, expand, and cause further damage.

Lightning strikes, while rare, can be devastating, causing fires or structural damage. Lastly, while snow may seem benign, the weight of excessive snowfall can strain your roof, leading to a possible collapse in extreme cases.

Our Services

If you’re a building owner, you may be wondering how to navigate damage to your roof. That is where our team can help. We offer comprehensive storm damage inspections to identify and repair any issues, from missing shingles caused by wind to leaks resulting from heavy rain or hail damage.

Remember, the key to minimizing damage is timely detection and intervention. It’s also critical to note that storm damage repair isn’t a DIY job. It often requires specialized tools and knowledge to ensure that your building is safe and weatherproof.

Contact Us

When faced with roof damage, you can count on the team at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing in Warsaw, IN. Waiting to address the damage will only allow it to get worse. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to repair all types of storm damage, ensuring your roof is in top condition. Let us help you weather the storm and protect your structure! Call us today at 260-799-9999 for more details.