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Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing Company has a lot of experience when it comes to roof coatings, especially in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Roof coatings are a very cost-effective way of prolonging the life of your older roof. It can be useful as a cost-cutting measure, as your business can avoid a full roof replacement for a longer period. There are a lot of different types of roof coatings available on the market. Therefore, you must gather more information about them before making a final decision. You can do this by reading on or calling us on 260-799-9999. Our customer service representatives would be happy to take on any questions you have regarding your roofing project.

Types of Roof Coatings


There are many roof coating options available on the market. However, the market is dominated by two types of roof coatings.

Acrylic coatings are water-based coatings that are highly adaptable to different climates in the country. This coating can fit on any roof due to its adaptability. It is also highly reflective of the sun rays, thereby saving your business on cooling costs that you may otherwise incur without the coating. However, this type of coating takes time to fully cure (completion of the application process) and is also a bit more expensive than the second type.

The second type is made from silicone. Silicone roof coatings are cost-effective and also stand tall in the face of erosion. However, they do require regular maintenance so that it can keep their effectiveness against UV rays.

Application Process

Our team has a standardized application process that is very effective for all types of roofs. The first step is inspection, followed by repairs. If the inspection detects any major problems, then those are fixed before the application of the coating. The roof is then cleaned thoroughly, after which the application process formally begins. The roof coating will be sprayed on, and it will take a couple of hours/days (depending on the type) to cure.

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If you have more questions regarding the process, you can direct them to our customer service representatives by calling us at 260-799-9999. Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing company is now servicing all of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are also providing roof coating services to nearby areas!