Roof Insurance Claim – Winona Lake, IN

When disaster strikes, you can count on the roofing professionals at Smith Roofing to be there to help, and with more than just your roof! Not only can we repair and restore your storm damaged roof, but we also have the insurance claims specialists that can help you file your claim properly with your insurance company. Sometimes, this can be the most tedious part of dealing with a storm damaged roof, but Smith Roofing continues to make this process a hassle free one for all our customers throughout the Winona Lake, IN area. Don’t let yourself stress over the paperwork, we’re here to help! Just reach out to our crew today at (260) 799 – 9999 and we’ll get things started right away.

Call Us First

If you believe you’ve been left with a storm damaged roof after a recent storm, call Smith Roofing before you call your insurance company. We’ll come out and get your roof inspected and make sure any damage is secured immediately. Once we’ve inspected your home’s roof, we’ll let you know the extent of any damage and you’ll receive a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. That’s when the time comes to call your insurance company to file a claim. They will send out the adjuster to inspect your property and we’re always happy to meet with them during this process to ensure they get everything they need on the first time out, avoiding the need for a reinspection.

Roofing companies are often known to deny claims on the first go round and we’ve found that meeting with them the first chance we get, often at an inspection of your roof, helps to avoid having your claim denied. This not only makes the process much quicker, but far less painful! Once approved, we’ll review things to make sure everything needed is covered and we’ll get to work repairing and restoring your home’s roof properly.

Call Us Today

When you have a damaged roof atop your home, Smith Roofing will help get things resolved both atop your home and with your insurance company. An insurance claim is no match for our roofing professionals. A storm damaged roof doesn’t have to exhaust you when you have Smith Roofing ready to help. For complete roofing assistance in the Winona Lake, IN area, call us today at (260) 799 – 9999.