Roofing Services – Merriam, IN

Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing offers a vast range of roofing services, including residential and commercial roof repairs, maintenance, replacements, and roof inspections in Merriam, Indiana. We are also experts in high-performance roof coatings for better energy efficiency, waterproofing, and roof repair purposes. Our team has the necessary training and skills to recommend the best roofing solution for your problem and budget. We also have a lot of different products and materials available for use on low-sloped and high-pitched roofs. Contact us at 260-799-9999 today!

Roof Repairs

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Roof repairs for your Indiana roof keep the structure solid and protective. By taking care of the small issues as they come up, your roof will last much longer and give you fewer things to worry about. Have you noticed a leak or some damage that needs attention today? We can provide you with an appropriate repair.

Commercial Roofing

Our team uses the latest in roofing products to repair and replace roofing systems throughout Indiana. Our variety of top-notch roofing systems and coatings means that we have a solution for everyone. No matter what your business requires from a roof, we will have something to meet your needs. We excel at accommodating roofs with ventilator exhausts, kitchen chimneys, HVAC units, and much more, so you can rest assured that there is no roof too complex for us!

Roof Coatings

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We offer specialty roof coatings for increased energy savings for flat roofing systems. Our metal roof restoration system and polyurethane foam system will seal leaks, stop rust, and provide a durable protective finish. They also add to the strength of your roof.

Roof Types

We deal with both commercial and residential roof types. We can replace your old roof with your choice of shingles or metal roofing systems. Our roofing contractors can also help with repairs and replacements for EPDM rubber roofing, closed-cell foam roofing, and TPO roofing.

Roof Inspection

You can take advantage of a free professional roof inspection from Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing today. To set up an annual inspection, call us at 260-799-9999. We often find hidden leaks and roof damage that you don’t know about.

Why Us?

We’ve been providing industry-leading roofing services in Indiana for over 20 years. We have established an exceptional reputation by keeping up with the changing standards of the roofing industry and making sure our customers receive nothing but the best. Trust Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing to understand your needs and provide you with the most effective roofing solutions. Call us at 260-799-9999 to book a free inspection and get a no-obligation estimate in Merriam, IN today!