Rubber Roof Repair – Fort Wayne, IN

A rubber rooftop is usually a flat rooftop made from a rubber membrane and is commonly seen on top of large commercial warehouses and businesses. Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing provides timely, efficient rubber roof repair services for clients in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 260-799-9999 for a free estimate today!

How Can Rubber Rooftops Be Damaged? ‏

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‏Although rubber rooftops are well known for their resiliency, nothing is completely damage-proof. Listed below are some types of damage your rooftop can get over time:

  • ‏Rubber shrinkage ‏
  • ‏Membrane punctures caused by a sharp object or heavy foot traffic
  • ‏Leaking seals‏
  • ‏Wrinkles and creases‏

If your roof has any of these, there’s nothing to worry about. We can fix all of them!

How it Works‏

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‏Rubber roofing is an excellent choice for roofing because of its ease of maintenance and repair. However, this leads to many inexperienced contractors making insufficient and hasty repairs that do not last. At Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing, our experienced roofers use the latest procedures and materials to ensure your rubber roof is repaired perfectly.

For punctures, we begin by cleaning and preparing the surface. Rubber roofing contains carbon that becomes noticeably visible as the membrane ages. ‏Dirt also needs to be cleaned up before patching up a hole or puncture on the roof. The patching materials used won’t stay in place firmly without this.

We then use appropriate patching material to seal the roof’s surface and ensure it is perfectly waterproof. ‏

Rubber shrinkage usually shows up as small tears in the corners of your rooftop. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the membrane is damaged for sure. If possible, we will find an effective solution to your tears, or if needed, we can install a new membrane instead.

‏If the membrane is starting to curl up at the corners of your rooftop, we can ‏‏cut it and replace it. On the other hand, we can fix wrinkles and creases on your rooftop with a roller and a heat gun.

Why Choose Us?

‏It is always smart to select a roofing company that has sufficient experience dealing with rubber roofing materials and repairs. Since 2001, Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing has been helping homeowners and businesses meet their roofing needs. Our team has built a reputation for its professionalism, quality, and dedication to safety! Give us a call at 260-799-9999 so that we can help you get the repairs you need for your rubber roof in Fort Wayne, Indiana!