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Damaged and missing shingles can quickly progress to leaks in your roof, and it doesn’t take water much time to cause problems such as mold and rot in the walls of your property. Even a single lost shingle can cause a roof leak that can affect your entire building’s integrity. This is why you must get the problem checked and repaired at the first sign of trouble. Call Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing today at 260-799-9999 to get your shingle repair done in Churubusco, Indiana.

Inspecting your roof

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If you want to keep a close eye on your roof’s condition, you can periodically perform a quick visual inspection using a ladder. Missing roof shingles are pretty easy to spot. However, sometimes a nail may be loose, or there may be a damaged roof shingle that’s not easily visible. During your inspection, you should never try to walk on the surface of your roof. You can easily damage the shingles, or worse, get severely injured by falling off the roof. To top it off, home insurance may not pay for damages caused by an unprofessional repair job.

That’s where our professional roofers can help. We have the experience to spot a curled shingle or damaged flashing that can leave your roof vulnerable to water damage. Along with that, we have the expertise and equipment to inspect your roof thoroughly.

Repairing a shingle roof

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The method of replacing roof shingles is a little different for each type of shingle. The cost of replacing them also depends on the kind of roof you have and the amount of material you need.

No matter what roof shingles you have, we will comprehensively inspect the integrity of the underlayment before placing new shingles. The underlayment of the roof acts as a backup for when your shingles fail and also helps to insulate your property. If it’s damaged, it will be necessary to patch it or replace it before installing new shingles.

Spot repair isn’t always enough

Sometimes the damage to your shingles may be sufficient enough to require the addition of a new layer of shingles. This can be much more cost-effective than a complete roof replacement, but it will only be a viable solution if the support beams aren’t compromised.

Schedule your shingle repair

At Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing, we can help you work out the safest, most cost-effective method of repairing your roof. We can also give you an accurate update on the state of your roof and provide a free estimate for your roof shingle repair. We’ve offered commercial roofing and residential roofing repair for homes and offices in Indiana since 2001, and all of our work and materials come with our quality guarantees.

We provide shingle repair services in Churubusco, Indiana. If you have a leaking roof or see damaged roof shingles, don’t hesitate to contact our roofing team at 260-799-9999 to schedule a free inspection.