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Repairing damage to your roof can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. As a property owner, you need to find quick and simple solutions. Hiring a contractor who provides shingle repair services is one solution to solving your roofing problems. Repairing your shingles is essential to maintain the strength and durability of your roof. At Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing in Pierceton, IN, we recognize how critical it is to care for your roof, especially after severe weather. Our team of skilled experts provides high-quality shingle repair services to keep your roof in top condition. If you want to learn more about our services, call us today at 260-799-9999!

Causes of Shingles Damage

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Strong winds, hail, torrential rain, and other severe weather conditions can loosen your shingles or cause them to break off. This is especially true if your shingles are already rusted, cracked, or worn out.


Over time, shingles can weaken and become brittle from exposure to the elements, increasing the likelihood that they will break.

Tree Damage

Trees or branches can fall on your roof and scratch or damage the shingles.

Incorrect installation

Shingles are more prone to cracking if improperly fitted. Improper underlayment installation or improper sealing could cause your shingles to loosen or break.

Our Services

Shingle Repair
  • Replacement or repair services, depending on your needs
  • High-quality installation, guaranteeing a tight seal and sufficient ventilation
  • Clean up of debris and old materials
  • Examination and evaluation of worn-out or damaged shingles
  • Analysis of damage and advice on how to prevent problems in the future

To ensure that your shingle repairs are done correctly and will last for many years, we only use high-quality materials. We also provide a large selection of colors and styles for you to choose the best one for your building. With our experts’ advice, you can be sure that your new shingles will blend in flawlessly.

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Our team strives to help our customers maintain their shingle roofs. We offer high-quality shingle repair and replacement services. If your building is in Pierceton, IN, call the team at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing at 260-799-9999. We’d be happy to provide a free estimate and answer your questions!