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Shingle Replacement – Silver Lake, IN

While a shingle roof can be a great way to provide your building, it is still susceptible to a wide range of damage. Whether it’s due to severe weather or wear and tear, you will need to partner with a trusted company to replace your roof’s shingles. If your building is in Silver Lake, IN, […]

Shingle Repair Service Experts

The roof on your building is a large investment, both in terms of money and time. This is why you should do everything you can to properly maintain it and ensure it lasts as long as possible. If your building has a shingle roof, then it will inevitably sustain damage. Thankfully, the team at Smith […]

Shingle Repair – Pierceton, IN

Repairing damage to your roof can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. As a property owner, you need to find quick and simple solutions. Hiring a contractor who provides shingle repair services is one solution to solving your roofing problems. Repairing your shingles is essential to maintain the strength and durability […]

Effective Shingle Repair – Larwill, IN

Due to their low price and high durability, shingles are the most common roofing material in the United States. Shingles can withstand most harsh weather conditions in the country. They are a fantastic option for any roof, because they can last up to 50 years if installed and maintained correctly. However, repairing your shingles is […]

What Are Roof Repair Services?

Although signs of leakage may lead you to believe your roof needs to be replaced, this isn’t always the case. If immediate action is taken, a qualified roofer from Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing can make repairs to extend the life of your roof. Our company has established a good reputation in Indiana, thanks to […]

All About A Roof Insurance Claim

When calamity strikes, Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing is there for you. Nobody enjoys navigating the difficult insurance process, but we are here to help! If your home or business has been damaged and you need to file a roof insurance claim, you are not alone. Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing will guide you through […]

Shingle Repair – Larwill, IN

Shingles are the most widely used type of roofing material in North America, due to their low cost and high durability. Shingles can endure the extreme weather in the eastern part of the United States. When placed and maintained properly, shingles can last up to 50 years, making them a great option for any roof. […]