Shingle Replacement – Columbia City IN

It would be ideal if your roof never gave you any problems and lasted you a lifetime! But realistically, this does not happen, and roofs require maintenance, repairs, and sometimes a complete replacement. Is your roof damaged enough to require a replacement? Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing is here to help you with any problems you may have with your roof in Columbia City, Indiana, including shingle replacements. Call us at 260-799-9999 today!

Free Professional Inspection

Because roofs are a crucial component of a building, partnering with a roofing expert for your roofing needs is a smart practice. Our roof inspectors can give an accurate idea of the overall condition of your roof and help you with solutions that are both cost-effective and ideal for your property.

Signs You Need Shingle Repair

If your roof needs repair, it will be fairly easy to spot once we start checking it. We usually look for the following signs that can indicate that your roof qualifies for a shingle replacement.

Granules– The surface of asphalt shingles is covered with granules that wear down over time, providing less protection from external elements. If your shingles look smooth and are missing layers of granules, they’ll need to be replaced to avoid costly roof damage in the long run.

Tears– Small rips and tears may not seem too concerning, but they are. Water can get trapped under the damaged shingles causing mildew and roof rot. Therefore, tears should never be ignored!

Holes– Just like small tears, holes are a sign you need shingle repair. Our roofers inspect your shingles closely and make sure to note where the damages are, so we can help you deal with the issue promptly.

Missing Shingles– One of the most obvious signs that point to urgent shingle replacement is when your roof has missing shingles! Shingles can fly off the roof due to strong winds or heavy storms. If there has recently been hail or high winds, you should get your roof inspected for any damage. Asphalt shingles, as opposed to slate or tile, are most likely to blow off due to their lightweight nature. It’s important that you promptly replace missing shingles to protect your property and reduce upkeep costs later on.

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Your roof is essential to your property’s overall integrity, which is why it is recommended hiring a professional for your roofing project. Our dedication to safety and uncompromising standards makes Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing the ideal partner for your shingle replacement in Columbia City, Indiana. Contact one of expert roofers at 260-799-9999.