Storm Damaged Roof Columbia City IN

If you own a commercial property in Columbia City, Indiana, you have likely experienced a storm damaged roof in recent years owing to the harsh weather. Whether you checked up on the roof and scheduled maintenance is a question for another day. But even if you did not, Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing is offering you a chance to do it now. We are a full-service commercial roofing company with a strong desire to please our customers. Being a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs, you can expect us to assist you in all matters related to roofing.

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What is a Storm Damaged Roof?

If you recall having experienced bad weather in the past couple of years, you should call a trusted contractor to inspect your roof. It is much safer to have a professional conduct your inspection. They will assess your roof’s condition on parameters such as visible cracks, dents accessories, torn window screens, and leaks. Once they evaluate the roof’s condition, they will provide a written report.

Many types of storm damaged roofs exist, and each has its impact. First, you should look out for wind damage. Missing, damaged, or disoriented shingles are usually the first indication. If the shingles are torn off, their seal is damaged, and your roof will be directly exposed. Secondly, hailstorms can also leave dents in the shingles or loosen the granules. The indentation can make your roof more vulnerable to sunlight and rain while ruining its appearance.

Moreover, stagnant water can also compromise the roof’s protection. It can allow backed-up water under the shingles due to clogged drainage pipes. This may lead to the water seeping under the shingles and penetrating the roof’s membrane. Debris is another cause of damage to the roof as it can damage the surface of the shingles. Impacted areas are then at risk of moisture and other weather-related problems.

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We hope reading this made you realize how important it is to look after your roof and manage it, especially through a reliable contractor. This is why Smith Roofing is extending its services for storm damaged roofs in Columbia City, Indiana, to commercial property owners. Our skilled team of technicians will be gratified to be at your service and work on your roof as required.

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