Storm Damaged Roof – Kimmel, IN

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Anyone with property in Kimmel, Indiana, knows that the area periodically experiences strong storms. When that happens, your roof may sustain damage ranging from a minor issue, such as a minor membrane rupture, to a significant problem, such as a tree destroying your roof. Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing can assist you, regardless of the origin of the damage—excessive rain, hail, wind, debris, or anything else! Call us at 260-799-9999 right away to have your storm-damaged roof repaired.

Identifying Roof Damage

If you’ve recently experienced a severe storm and think your roof may have sustained damage, get in touch with Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing. Be on the lookout for warning signs like partially or completely missing shingles. From the ground, some damage may be obscured. Therefore, having our personnel evaluate your roof after bad weather doesn’t hurt. Never forget that a trained eye may frequently spot issues that an untrained eye cannot.

We initially assess the general structure when we go to a property to repair storm damage. Please let our staff know if you saw something that made you call us or if you are taking precautions so that we can focus our attention on the area that needs it the most. Additionally, even if you didn’t notice any damage, you can count on us to thoroughly inspect the whole roof for damage.

Assessing storm injuries

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During our initial inspection, we’ll look for storm-specific issues like shredded membranes, ripped sealants, damaged gutters, or missing shingles. These are only a few of the storm-related problems that get reported the most. Suppose the wind is strong enough to lift the shingles or membrane off the ground. In that case, your roof’s protection will be considerably diminished.

After inspecting the damage, the next step is to decide whether repairs are required or if the entire roof needs to be torn off and replaced.

We must handle any minor roof repairs right away to prevent further damage. Any repairs will be completed to fully address all damage and increase durability.

If it turns out that we need to replace your roof, we’ll have to get to work straight away to prevent any injuries. Even if it costs more, having a sturdy roof over your head is better than one that might collapse.

Call the professionals right away!

Sometimes storm-damaged roofs don’t show any symptoms until it’s too late. You must immediately have your roof assessed by a licensed roofing specialist for a time-and money-saving fix. Suppose you require storm damage services in Kimmel, Indiana. In that case, Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing is the best option due to our knowledge in this field. 260-799-9999 is the number to call if you have any queries or concerns.