Storm Damaged Roof – Merriam, IN

The roof is a critical component of any building—it elevates your property’s appearance while simultaneously preserving its internal atmosphere. As it tolerates the harsh external weather elements at play throughout the year, it is extremely susceptible to damage. Roof repair and maintenance can be heavy on the pocketbook, particularly if roof issues are not addressed promptly and with good craftsmanship. Ignoring your roof’s health only shortens its lifespan and makes roof replacement the only viable option. If you’re a property owner in Merriam, Indiana, our team at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing can offer cost-effective solutions to all of your roofing problems. Got a storm-damaged roof? Call us now at 260-799-9999!

Storms can have a devastating effect on the roof. When a storm hits, knowing what to do to protect your roof is very important. Even minor leaks resulting from heavy winds and rain can cause problems in the future.

Wind Damage

Strong wind storms can deteriorate shingles, and debris can damage the roof. Shingles can lift, get displaced, and leave spots open for potential leaks. Hence, damage from wind storms can be missed; hence, it’s important to perform a thorough inspection after strong winds affect your property.

Hail Damage

In the spring and fall, hail can pose a major threat to your roof’s health. Dings and holes resulting from hail can cause short-and long-term problems for property owners.

Rain Damage

The leading and most common cause of roofing issues is rain-damaged roofs. Water is a major destructive force on your roof. Leaks caused by other kinds of storms or due to the roof’s age can expose the roof’s interior to moisture, causing bigger problems to ensue. Signs of rain roof damage include mold, rot, leaks, and structural damage. If the damage is severe, your roof may have to be replaced.

Indicators of Storm Damage

Indicators can be obvious, such as water spots on the ceiling or curved or missing shingles. Other signs include broken roof flashing, wet walls, and winter ice damming. When trying to identify post-storm damage, look at the shingle conditions, exposed plywood, missing flashing, loose or pealing sealant, and water damage in the attic or ceiling. Sometimes signs of wear may not be obvious, which is when a professional roofing contractor may help you.

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The roof is your property’s first-line defense against the outside world. As soon as a storm hits, assess the damage, document your observations, and hire a reliable and certified roofing contractor in the vicinity who is familiar with your area’s geography. Here’s where we come in: Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing can provide property owners in Merriam, Indiana, with professional and trustworthy services to heal any storm-damaged roof. Contact us at 260-799-9999 and we would love to assist you with your roofing needs!