Why Re-Roof?


For both homes and commercial buildings, a roof is designed to protect the interior from the elements, inclement weather and even debris. If the roof is old, extensively damaged, or beginning to fail, a building re-roof is the best solution to consider. The professionals at Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing are honored to offer first-rate re-roofing services to our friends and neighbors in the Larwill, IN, area. To learn more and schedule your consultation, call our team at 260-799-9999.

What is a Re-Roof?

In the roofing industry, a re-roofing service involves removing the existing roof down to the decking before installing a brand-new roofing system. If necessary, new decking may also be required. Whether you have a shingle roof or a flat roof, re-roofing provides unbeatable protection for your home or commercial/industrial building.

While it is a larger investment than a repair or restoration, there are undeniable benefits to a re-roof service.


First, you receive a brand new roof along with a full warranty.

Second, if there were design failures in the original roof, this gives you an opportunity to correct those problems. Poor drainage? We can add additional drains. Low spots? We can take this opportunity to create a proper slope. Damage to the supporting structure? Again, we can address those concerns. You could even add additional features that weren’t present in the original roof, such as extra insulation.

Why Call Smith?

Smith Residential & Commercial Roofing specializes in roofing services for both homes and commercial/industrial buildings. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge and skill necessary to manage issues on all types of roof styles and substrates.

With our experience also comes knowledge. We know the best methods to improve your existing roof, while offering cost-effective solutions to meet your goals.

We want to be your roofing partner. To meet this goal, we complete all projects with the highest level of skill. We recommend quality materials for long-lasting results and provide our unbeatable customer service.

We are confident that once you work with Smith Residential and Commercial Roofing, you will choose us again for your future roofing needs.

To learn more about the re-roofing process or to schedule a consultation, call our friendly staff today. If your home or building is in the Larwill, IN region, you can reach us at 260-799-9999.